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A land rich in humus is healthy soil, fertile and full of life. In humus you can find Garments made by organic fabrics that respect the earth and its cycles by avoiding the use of polluting chemicals.

humus also suggests humanity, tranquility, calm. So we created a place on a human scale, where the people can watch, ask,  tested calmly and share what they like with us.


Dressing is a basic human need. Beyond the current trend in humus opt for a clothes and shoes which dress over time, with modern designs  thought to endure.

The timeless concept is not incompatible with the design, but the opposite. Our designers seek sustainable ingenious solutions with sometimes surprising results.


The sustainability criteria we consider in the selection of our items are at least threefold: Do not contain substances harmful to human health, that their process is environmentally friendly and their are produced respecting the rights of workers.

The result: pleasurable clothes , attractive, easy to wear and healthy for people that do, those that are wearing and to the environment.